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These are just some of the many reasons people turn to Octane MMA for Kickboxing Classes. Whatever your goals are, we go above and beyond to help you reach them. Fill out the form below to Get 3 Trial Classes For $10.00 Or, scroll down to learn more about us, see photos, and more!

Self-Defense. Stress Relief. Weight Loss. Fitness. Competition.

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Hear What Our Students Have to Say About Octane MMA Kickboxing

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What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a martial art form that combines elements of Boxing, Muay Thai, and Karate. Students learn Punch Combinations, Kicks, and Defense while getting an amazing Full-Body Cardio Workout. Kickboxing tones muscles, builds abs, gets you into wonderful shape, and teaches you fundamental Self-Defense Skills. Beginners do most of their work on non-human opponents such as bags, dummies, mitts, and pads.

Meet Tabitha. She came to us with a Weight Loss Goal. She's lost well over 30 lbs and 20+ inches!

For many different reasons. Primarily, we find that people are looking for an alternative to the Weight Lifting/Cardio Machine Style Gyms, and want to try something new and exciting to meet their fitness needs, while also acquiring a valuable skillset in Self Defense. We've had folks tell us they use it as a way to deal with Stress, and that hitting bags after a long day of work helps them. Others come to us with Goals of Competition in mind. Whatever your goals, our main focus is helping you reach them.

Why Do People Try Kickboxing?

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Sounds Fun, But What If I'm A Bit Nervous To Try it Out?

We've worked very hard to take away the Intimidation Factor of Kickboxing. We're a gym of like-minded, friendly people with similar goals. Everyone is welcomed, and we don't make anyone feel bad about trying to better themselves. Ask our students. Our culture is our biggest asset. Our advanced students are a huge help, and oftentimes jump right in and help our new students. To see the level of camaraderie between our students is a large part of the reason why we're so happy to own a Martial Arts Gym.

"Everybody took time to individually to show you what to do and how to do it. They didn't make me feel left out. They made me feel like I've been here as long as they've been here."  -Current Student

Location & Facilities

We're located at 10 Railroad Street in Monongahela, PA (right behind Sheetz, parking along the railroad tracks, entrance on the side). Our facility is 7,000 square feet, equipped with 2 training floors, punching bags, equipment, mens and women's locker rooms, two bathrooms, and a full pro shop. You can view photos here.

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Kickboxing Schedule
Monday:    7:00pm - 8:00pm
Tuesday:     6:30pm - 7:30pm
Thursday:   5:30pm - 6:30pm

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"Great staff! Immediately felt comfortable with the instructors. It's a friendly environment where you can get a great cardio workout through Kickboxing, and have fun while doing it."

Christina Telegraphis
BJJ/Kickboxing Student

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"This time last year, I was in a personal funk frustrated with laziness and no sense of direction. I decided to try BJJ & Kickboxing. My instructors showed me the basics, and my teammates pushed me to stick it out. From there, I fell in love with the art and look forward to every class."

Cody Anderson
BJJ/Kickboxing Student

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"I like training at Octane because of the diverse MMA knowledge. The instructors care for their students as much as they do about the methods and style they instruct. So, they're able to adjust how they teach based off the learning curve of the student, and how fast or slow they are developing."

Robbie Roche
BJJ/MMA/Kickboxing Student

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